Sunday, August 3


Aku jumpa dekat YouTube. Benda jadi dah lama. 2 tahun lepas.
Maybe benda ni dah biasa kat sana.
Tapi tak biasa kalau jadi kat sini.

Israel bombed the building (where all the civilians, which were mainly women and children, had gone to take refuge) at 1 a.m. then bombed it again minutes later. Then when ambulances headed towards the scene, they shot at the ambulances and made them return. This happened a few times till 9 a.m which is when the ambulances were finally able to get to the scene, eight hours later. What you see here, is an act of terrorism. Sadly, all of these terrorist acts are funded by the United States government, which whom is funded by us citizens.Nothing, absolutely nothing can justify such acts.Many say its because of the two soldiers taken hostage... but too bad this war was planned before that happened. That just gave Isreal the perfect excuse. And one thing that gets dropped out is that the soldiers were taken hostage to trade for Lebanese hostages that had been taken by Isreal (two whom are civilians).

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